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Bluetooth Arterial Travel Time System (BATTS)

Installed without the need for capital works, the Bluetooth Arterial Travel Time System (BATTS) may be installed as a permanent or temporary measure allowing data collection and performance management.  This ultra-reactive, precise quantification tool enables informed infrastructure planning decisions and network analysis.


When used in conjunction with other smart city technology, like VMS and /or VSLS, the BATTS enables increased driver awareness and decreased road congestion.

Lane Use Management Sign (LUMS, VSLS, ISLUS, ESLS, LCS)

A customised, modular unit for display on the verge or median, by pole, gantry or in a portable trailer-mounted unit. Our multi-use VSLS/LUMS signs can operate stand-alone or networked, both from mains or with our solar power kit.

Designed as a fully functional sign chassis, installed into a cocoon / housing with front or rear access and single or double door opening.  Compatible enclosures across sizes A-D & tunnels.

Multiple jurisdictional requirements have been designed into the unit for Qld, NSW, WA, Vic and SA.

  • Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS)

  • Electronic Speed Limit Signs (ESLS)

  • School Zone Signs

  • Lane Use Management Signs (LUMS)

  • Integrated Speed & Lane Use Signs (ISLUS)

Multiple Lane Radar (MLR) & Site Controller

Deployment scenarios include:

  • Vehicle-type specific traffic-actuated intersection control. 

  • Congestion detection & subsequent traffic direction & lane management. 

  • Real-time, automated updates of travel time signs. 

  • Hazard detection relayed to programmed variable message sign and/or hazard lights. 

  • In-depth traffic profiling for infrastructure planning.

True dual beam, frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) side-fire radar with ultra-low power consumption.  Simultaneously detects, tracks and logs per-vehicle speeds & lengths of up to eight individual targets. 

Ramp Control Sign

Ramp Control Signs provide warning and regulatory messages to alert motorists entering or exiting a roadway ramp.

With display options from basic symbols and text to real time information including travel time, incident information, road works and road closures, RC signs support traffic flow on a continual and responsive basis.Ramp Control signs may be deployed as a package or independently according to hazards and existing infrastructure.

Road Condition Information Sign

Similar modular design to our Travel Time sign, the RCIS displays road conditions for a given section of road.


Recent innovations in sign construction have increased LEDs with brighter visibility and less power consumption.

Solar powered, stand-alone units which may be rapidly swapped into existing signage or wholly designed, manufactured and installed by J1-LED.


Incorporates an in-built flasher/wigwag driver for 2x 200mm amber lanterns.

School Zone Sign

Customised school zone signage to meet local requirements and site-specific safety concerns.  Mains connected or self-contained solar units, offer rapid installation and flexibility for deployment locations.


First generation product, with more than 6000 deployed nationally. Static sign with beacons / lanterns and optional light up annulus.


Electronic speed limit signs deployed for school zone use. Auto adjusting brightness for increased driver attention.

Travel Time Sign

Displays travel time information for roadway users with presentation options of red, green and amber LED lighting.

Deployed across both high-volume roadways as well as long distance roadways with changeable travel conditions, TTS allow motorists to make informed decisions regarding their travel route and fuel management.

Options for solar power supply and vehicle data collection.

Variable Message Sign

  • Lean enclosures for a slimline look

  • 4th generation product deployed in 5 states

  • Easy installation to gantries with four mounting points and lean enclosures for a slimline look.

  • Optional enhancements for colour displays (RGB with traditional amber) and vehicle activation including speed, travelling distance (tailgating)

  • CCTV and customised traffic data collection

Vehicle Activated Sign

Lightweight wafer technology cautionary road signs for improved driver recognition & response time.  Triggered by vehicle detection at up to 450m.

Solar powered, self-regulating with automatic dimming (ambient light sensor), shock and tilt sensors (security).  Door switch, tamper detection, temperature and GPS monitoring with 3G remote communications.  

Optional vehicle data logging including speed, travelling distance (tail gating), size and others.

All J1-LED signs may be customised.

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School Zone Sign
Road Condition Information Sign
Travel Time Sign
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Bluetooth Arterial Travel Time
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