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High Resolution, Multi-Colour Dynamic LED Signage with a modular, slimline enclosure design to suit any project-specific constraints.


▪ AS 4852.1:2019
▪ AS/NZS 1170.2:2021 (Wind Region C & Below)
▪ AS 5100.2:2017 (serviceability)
▪ MRTS201 July 2023
▪ MRTS202 November 2021
▪ TSI-SP-008 v7.0 June 2021
▪ TCS 015 May 2021

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LED display utilises full-colour RGB panels (SMD 3-in-1 Lens Modules) for displaying safety messages, emergencies, critical travel advice & community messages.

This high-resolution, multi-colour availability provides enhanced viewing clarity with greater control over the production of Australian Standard compliant colours.

Our self-supporting, lightweight aluminum enclosures are engineered to be modular to ensure it can be used in all project's regardless of the constraints including a unique mounting arrangement to facilitate retrofits to existing gantry structures.

Local high-resolution touchscreen LCD controller integrated into the control enclosure for local diagnostics.

Enhanced Variable Message Signs are be fitted with conspicuity devices for increased visibility (optional pending the project's constraints)

Please note: J1-LED maintain an in-house engineering team that can manage through the design and certification of supporting gantry structures (including foundation design).


▪ Pictogram Display Cabinet(s)
▪ Facility Switch with Key
▪ Solar Powered Installations
▪ Uninterruptable Power Supply Back-Ups (UPS)
▪ Traffic Monitoring Hardware (Radar or CCTV)
▪ Extended Manufacturing Warranty
▪ Bespoke Gantry Structure Design & Structural Certification (incl. As-Builts)
▪ Bespoke Foundation Design & Certification
▪ Workshop Pre-Assembly of Sign to Gantry Structure
▪ On-Site Installation and Commissioning


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