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Fully integrated, customisable system monitoring the pedestrian zone to communicate advance warning to approaching motorists.


▪ AS 5156:2020 (substantially)
▪ BS EN 50293
▪ BS EN 60950
▪ TR2507

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Activated by pedestrians entering the “wait zone”, crossing the road or excessive driver speed using a variety of radar monitoring for detection & presence. Warning trigger options include:
* Pedestrian entering the dwell/wait zone
* Pedestrian on the crossing
* An approaching vehicle with a customised speed threshold
* Any combination of the above

It may be deployed on existing infrastructure, standard traffic signal pedestal posts or as a stand-alone solar-powered installation beside a Zebra Crossing.

This innovative product utilises components from our largely successful MRWA Enhance School Zone Sign, which ensures the reliability of a matured product and component availability for both manufacturing & after-sales support.

Managed over the 4G Network using J1-LED's web-based management server, "ITS HOST"
This system is an installation-free, easy-to-use management system that can show the status of signage, battery voltage & fault monitoring and provide other system diagnostics, including optional availability to access statistics recorded by the radars such as pedestrian data, vehicle speed, 85th percentile speed, average speed and traffic volume (counting).


▪ Extended Solar Capacity
▪ Extended Battery Capacity
▪ Lightweight Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Upgrade
▪ Rain Detector Add-On
▪ Mains Powered Arrangement


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