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Speed Advisory Signs are an LED Display triggered by an oncoming vehicle’s speed, typically to trigger a corresponding “Smiley Face”, “Thank You”, or “Slow Down” message.


▪ MRTS218 March 2023
▪ TMR TC Sign Drawing - TC1833
▪ TSI-SP-066
▪ AS/NZS 1170.2 (Wind Region C & Below)
▪ TSI-SP-003

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SAS is triggered by oncoming traffic and displays a corresponding “Smiley Face” or “Slow Down” message.

The LED Display utilises the latest in LED Technology with SMD 3-in-1 Full-Colour RGB Lens Modules that are visually compliant with the optical requirements of Australian Standard AS4852.1-2019.

The marine-grade, lightweight aluminium enclosure is engineered to ensure rapid deployment. The enclosure assembly is complete with an internally housed radar, a pre-configured control system with facility switches and batteries.

Solar-powered, self-regulating with automatic dimming (ambient light sensor), shock and tilt sensors (security). Door switch, tamper detection, temperature and GPS monitoring with 4G remote communications.

Managed over the 4G Network using J1-LED's web-based management server, "ITS HOST"
This system is an installation-free, easy-to-use management system with custom text & graphic editing.

The system can show the status of signage, battery voltage & fault monitoring and provide other system diagnostics, including optional availability to access statistics recorded by the VAS radar, such as vehicle speed, 85th percentile speed, average speed and traffic volume (counting).


▪ Customisable Target Surround Sign (common alternative is "KOALA ZONE")
▪ Extended Solar Capacity
▪ Extended Battery Capacity
▪ Rain Detector Add-On
▪ Mains Powered Arrangement
▪ VAS Radar Statistics via. ITS HOST
▪ Bluetooth Travel Time (BATTS) Add-On


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