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Tactical Multi-Colour Dynamic LED Signage is a cost-effective alternative for Overroad Roadside VMS with a modular enclosure design to increase available character availability for longer messages.


▪ AS 4852.1:2019 (substantially as possible)
▪ AS/NZS 1170.2:2021 (Wind Region C & Below)
▪ AS 5100.2:2017 (serviceability)
▪ MRTS201 July 2023
▪ MRTS202 November 2021
▪ TSI-SP-008 v7.0 June 2021
▪ TCS 015 May 2021

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This product utilises the latest in J1-LED's low-power LED technology, making it ideal for roadside, solar-powered installations. This means Variable Message Signs can be installed in more remote places with limited infrastructure or space.

LED display utilises full-colour RGB panels (SMD 3-in-1 Lens Modules) for displaying safety messages, emergencies, critical travel advice & community messages.

This high-resolution, multi-colour availability provides enhanced viewing clarity with greater control over the production of Australian Standard compliant colours.

Our self-supporting, lightweight aluminium enclosures are engineered to be modular to ensure they can be used in all project's regardless of the project-specific requirements. This modular design provides the ability to easily deliver extended resolutions as required.

A local, user-friendly, high-resolution touchscreen LCD controller integrated into the control enclosure for local diagnostics.

Enhanced Variable Message Signs can be fitted with conspicuity devices for increased visibility.

Please note: J1-LED maintains an in-house engineering team that can manage through the design and certification of the structural supporting post (including foundation design).


▪ Extended Resolution Options (typically 8x3 or 10x3)
▪ Amber Conspicuity Devices for increased visibility
▪ Facility Switch with Key
▪ Solar Powered Installations
▪ Uninterruptable Power Supply Back-Ups (UPS)
▪ Traffic Monitoring Hardware (Radar or CCTV)
▪ Extended Manufacturing Warranty
▪ Bespoke Supporting Post Design & Structural Certification (incl. As-Builts)
▪ Bespoke Foundation Design & Certification
▪ On-Site Installation and Commissioning


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