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Tactical Monochrome Amber LED Signage is a cost-effective alternative for Overroad Roadside VMS with a front-access aluminium enclosure for maximising on-site technician access.


▪ AS 4852.1:2019 (substantially as possible)
▪ AS/NZS 1170.2:2021 (Wind Region C & Below)
▪ AS 5100.2:2017 (serviceability)
▪ MRTS201 July 2023
▪ MRTS202 November 2021
▪ TSI-SP-008 v7.0 June 2021
▪ TCS 015 May 2021

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The Tactical Variable Message Sign is a cost-effective alternative to traditional Variable Message Signage with Overhead Gantry Superstructures. Engineered with a High-Resolution Display, this LED Sign can display a range of font heights and detailed graphics for communicating critical road safety messages and advice.

This product utilises the latest in J1-LED’s low-power LED technology, making it ideal for solar-powered installations. Furthermore, the overall size of a Tactical VMS is significantly less than that of the Traditional VMS. Both these mean the Tactical VMS can be installed in more remote places where existing Infrastructure is limited or more Urban Areas with limited Roadside Space.

This product features a Front-Opening Door Assembly operated by Electric Linear Actuators for low effort & clear maintenance of Internal Electronics.

The Electronics are mounted on an Aluminium Chassis that uses Rubberised Anti-Vibration Mounts to provide dampening protection from external forces such as those experienced by wind loading & transport to the site to increase the componentry life.

A local, user-friendly, high-resolution touchscreen LCD controller integrated into the control enclosure for local diagnostics.

Signage can be managed over the 4G Network using J1-LED's web-based management server, "ITS HOST"
This system is an installation-free, easy-to-use management system with custom text & graphic editing.
The system can show the status of signage, battery voltage & fault monitoring and provide other system diagnostics, including optional availability to access statistics recorded by a radar (if installed).


▪ Extended Resolution Options (typically 8x3 or 10x3)
▪ Facility Switch with Key
▪ Solar Powered Installations
▪ Uninterruptable Power Supply Back-Ups (UPS)
▪ Traffic Monitoring Hardware (Radar or CCTV)
▪ Extended Manufacturing Warranty
▪ Bespoke Supporting Post Design & Structural Certification (incl. As-Builts)
▪ Bespoke Foundation Design & Certification
▪ On-Site Installation and Commissioning


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