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Side-Fire, Multi-Lane Radar for Traffic Management and Monitoring for projects to improve traffic conditions based on approaching vehicles and traffic patterns.


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The Taipan Multi-Lane Radar (MLR) and Site Controller is a true dual beam; frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) side-fire radar with ultra-low power consumption which simultaneously detects, tracks and logs per-vehicle speeds & lengths of up to eight individual targets.

Computed parameters such as lane volume & occupancy, vehicle gap, headway & average speed and 85th percentile speed are calculated in-radar (i.e. not by data display software), dramatically increasing output data's speed, accuracy and usability. The radar’s built-in storage memory holds over 1 million vehicle statistics for stand-alone per-vehicle data gathering and is held for over six months. The user-friendly interface enables easy access to this data, as well as the establishment of rule scenarios & parameters, and prevents data overload by eliminating superfluous fields. The 1 Mega Pixel HD video camera also enables live streaming video and snapshots.

Up to eight individually configurable lanes are detected by the ultra-high resolution (0.3m increments) FMCW radar, and the data coming from these lanes can be used to manage traffic in any number of ways. Trucks pulling up at an intersection can be detected early, and traffic lights configured to affect traffic-actuated time gap triggers – minimizing dilemma zone, congestion, road wear & tear, truck travel times and associated pollution & costs. Traffic direction can be managed by configuring lane-use management signs to change in response to pre-determined lane-use parameters. With its non-intrusive & all-weather design, ultra-low power consumption and solar option, the Taipan adapts perfectly to a wide range of deployment scenarios and may be integrated with established traffic management systems or purchased as an additional feature of our LED signage options (fixed or portable).

Applications of the Taipan MLR & Site Controller
- Traffic Signals Management
- Traffic Direction and Lane Monitoring
- Triggering Custom Variable Message Signs Messages
- Boom-Gate Operation
- Incident Management and Monitoring


▪ Monitoring options to view over CCTV, IP
▪ Lightweight Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Upgrade
▪ Customisable Trigger Output for Project-Specific Requirements
▪ Mains Powered Arrangement (PoE)
▪ Hardwired Communications Connection, 4G or Remote Satellite


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