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Modular LED Signage integrated into static signs for communicating Travel Time estimates to provide real-time travel information to motorists.


▪ AS 4852.1:2019 (substantially)
▪ TCS 070 - 2019
▪ TSI-SP-003

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J1-LED can offer our Bluetooth Artieral Travel Time Survey (BATTS) Solution to complement the Travel Time Solution, providing a complete turn-key service.

Multiple deployment options beyond Travel Time include Parking Space Counter, Temperature/Time Information Display and other Scrolling or Sliding Text. The control system can use data from third-party APIs to ensure they are suitable for any project-specific requirement.

These LED Modules are engineered for rapid replacement with ultra-low power consumption to suit solar-powered deployments in any location. Utilising components from other matured, well-established J1-LED products.

Signage can be managed over the 4G Network using J1-LED's web-based management server, "ITS HOST"
This system is an installation-free, easy-to-use management system with custom text & graphic editing.
The system can show the status of signage, battery voltage & fault monitoring and provide other system diagnostics, including optional availability to access statistics recorded by a radar (if installed).


▪ Quantity of LED Modules
▪ Custom Static Signage Layout (Engineering Design Service)
▪ Extended Solar Capacity
▪ Extended Battery Capacity
▪ Lightweight Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Upgrade
▪ Underground Battery Storage Options
▪ Mains Powered Arrangement
▪ Sign Management & Diagnostics using ITS HOST or other Third Party Integrations.
▪ Frangible or Standard (non-frangible) Post Arrangement


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