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Our slimline TMS design can be adjusted to suit any project specification.


▪ AS 4852.1:2019
▪ AS/NZS 1170.2:2021
▪ MRTS201 July 2023
▪ MRTS202 November 2021
▪ TSI-SP-008 v7.0 June 2021
▪ TCS 015 May 2021

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Typical solution utilises a Full Matrix LED Display has been designed to display one (1) line of 18 characters when using 200mm character height and the 7:5 font ratio as outlined in AS 4852.1-2019.

LED chassis is mounted on rubberised anti-vibration mounts to provide additional protection to the electrical/components by dampening external forces such as those experienced through wind loading & vibrations. This extends the life of the components and significantly improves reliability, especially with cable becoming loose over time.

The slim-line enclosure design is constructed from Powder-Coated Marine Grade Aluminium with Rear Access Doors using a Three-Point Locking Mechanism. These Rear Maintenance Access Doors in the Sign’s Enclosure are to allow for rapid and easy access for the servicing of equipment, with all components sized to be easily handled and pulled through the doorway by a single Technician.


▪ Alternative Display Resolution and Pixel Pitches available
▪ Monochrome Amber, Multi-Colour or Full-Colour Solutions available
▪ Facility Switch with Key
▪ Extended Manufacturing Warranty
▪ On-Site Installation and Commissioning


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