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External Parking Guidance Signage for wayfinding through local precincts with LED Displays showing Parking Spaces Available in nearby Car Parks.


▪ AS 4852.1:2019 (substantially as possible)
▪ AS/NZS 1170.2 (Wind Region C & Below)

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J1-LED can offer a range of External PGS Solutions, having engineered & delivered a variety of bespoke designs now to suit project-specific requests.

One solution is using our Five-Colour Modular LED Sign housing, which is a custom fabricated Aluminium Extrusion Box with easy slide-out panels for rapid replacements.

More recently, J1-LED has been delivering a Full-Colour High-Resolution Solution offering a small form factor and a traditional front-access, gas-strut assisted enclosure for maximising on-site technician access. This solution uses the latest in LED Technology with SMD 3-in-1 Full-Colour RGB Lens Modules.

Ultimately, J1-LED's in-house engineering team can review your project and provide bespoke solutions to suit your requirements and constraints.

All solutions are expandable to suit project-specific arrangements with customised retro-reflective vinyl overlays on their faces to ensure appropriate motorist visibility as a roadside sign.

These LED Modules are engineered for rapid replacement with ultra-low power consumption to suit either mains or solar-powered deployments in any location. Utilising components from other matured, well-established J1-LED products.

Our signage can be managed by a Third-Party through the integration of API's for communicating the Real-Time Parking Space Counts.


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