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Solar Way-finding Totems
Roadworks VSLS
Heavy Vehicle Warning

"The sign is performing well and we are seeing great results. The unexpected and most valuable outcome we have noticed is that the sign provides real time feedback on whether the traffic control in place is suitable for the desired speed. If we see non-compliance we know to review the current set up."

Tim Williams

Senior Project Engineer

Fulton Hogan Construction

Custom Speed Check Sign
Legacy Way Tunnel
Adelaide Superway
WA School Zone Signs
Radar Mediated Intersection
M5 Expressway
Cairns Connect

Bluetooth Data Collection & Performance Management System

Brisbane, 2019

Installation of semi-permanent Bluetooth Arterial Travel Time System (BATTS), collecting accurate traffic data for planning and project monitoring.

  • 3G router

  • 3 x BATTS receivers

Solar Way-finding Totems

Perth, 2018

Stand-alone parking signage that solves power and data problems using solar and 3G connectivity. These signs are available through Park Assist.

  • 11 precinct signage totems

Semi-permanent Roadworks VSLS

Brisbane, 2018

Solar powered, 3G enabled Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS) installed onto existing infrastructure to provide rapid responses to traffic conditions and roadworks speed requirements during the M1/M3/Gateway Merge Project.

  • 23 Wafer Variable Speed Limit Signs

Mobile Travel Time Display

Melbourne, 2017

Equipped with Bluetooth listeners, the variable message signs were configured to display travel time in real time.

  • 8 x BATTS receivers

  • 8 x C-size colour VMS trailers

  • ITS HOST access for remote management

Heavy Vehicle Warning System

Kyeamba, 2018

Autonomous advanced driver warning system which simultaneously detects heavy vehicles entering highway and warns oncoming motorists.  System includes:

  • Custom Vehicle Activated Sign (VAS)

  • Heavy-vehicle Radar & Site Controller (Taipan)

  • Wireless Link Solution

Custom Speed Check Sign

NSW, 2017

Custom speed check sign solution designed and manufactured in-house to meet the requirements of Fulton Hogan.  Configured to display real-time speed data and motorist warnings.  Red, green, amber, white display.

Legacy Way Tunnel

Brisbnae, 2015

Partnership with Schneider & Transcity.  In addition to custom mechanical design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, J1-LED also designed and installed the control room video wall. Deliverables included a total of 204 signs:

  • 55 Tunnel Message Signs (TMS)

  • 1 Variable Message Sign (VMS) - B Size

  • 1 Variable Message Sign (VMS) - A Size

  • 7 Changeable Message Sign (CMS)

  • 140 Lane Use Management Signs (LUMS) & Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS)



Adelaide Superway

South Australia, 2015

Bringing a little bit of sunny Queensland to South Australia, in partnership with John Holland, McMahon Contractors and Leed Engineering.  Project deliverables included a total of 116 signs:

  • 1 Variable Message Sign (VMS) - C Size

  • 3 Variable Message Signs (VMS) - B Size

  • 4 Variable Message Signs (VMS) - A Size 

  • 108 Lane Use Management Signs (LUMS)

School Zone Signs

Western Australia, 2015

Our innovative and agile internal design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities allowed us to custom design and build Electronic Speed Limit Signs (ESLS) with beacons and a static sign to meet the needs of the WA Main Roads Department.  Deliverables:

  • 3,000 Custom Electronic Speed Limit Signs (ESLS)

Radar Mediated Intersection

Townsville, 2014

Multi-lane radar & site controller configured to detect road trains, heavy vehicles, oversize loads and slowed traffic conditions and respond by triggering an extended green signal phase and an advanced motorist warning system to advise drivers of an incident or changed conditions.

  • Multi-lane radar & site controller (Taipan)

M5 Expressway West-Widening

Sydney, 2014

In delivering on this sought-after contract, J1-LED deployed our 3rd generation Variable Message Signs (VMS) in partnership with Lendlease, Interlink Roads, NSW Roads & Maritime Services.  Deliverables included a total of 22 signs:

  • 16 Variable Message Signs (VMS) - B Size

  • 6 Variable Message Size - C Size

Cairns Connect

Cairns, 2013

As with most tropical installs, this project required a structure suitable for cyclonic environmental conditions and the weather extremes of seasonal wet and high temperatures.  Partnered with BMD Albem. 

  •  Variable Message Sign (VMS) - C Size - (Sign & Structure)

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Bluetooth Data Managment
Bluetooth Travel Time


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