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Custom Design & Engineering


Since our quality system was established in 2010, it has undergone significant adjustments as we have expanded our scope to incorporate design, manufacture, installation, testing, commissioning, servicing and sales activities.

At   J1-LED we hold ISO9001:2015 certification and aim to continually improve the service we provide to meet our client’s requirements and to produce finished work that we can be proud of.  We are committed to meeting the requirements of our clients, learn from customer’s feedback, as well as regulatory requirements to continually develop our system to ensure   effectiveness.


Focused on safety from design through to manufacture, J1-LED products offer low risk deployment systems, high visibility and alert systems for operators. Our service and maintenance team ensure your J1 products are operating safely and at optimum capacity to ensure a long product life. J1’s in-house safety management and employee safe work systems have been continuously developed and tested over 20 years of operation. Innovation and best practice are hallmarks of our end-to-end production system, not merely our products.

Working closely with local road authorities and fleet managers, our Engineering team provides customised, seamless integration with transport networks and site safety systems. Minimising the need for on-site operators, our products are securely cloud-hosted, with health, battery & system checks also remotely available.

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