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Cone/Bollard Trucks are able to be customised with various Arrow Boards and Variable Message Signs for road and worker safety.


Arrow Board
▪ RTA QA Specification FAS/5
▪ TSI-SP-060
▪ TfNSW Type Approved Product (Certificate No. ITS-TAN000069)
▪ AS 4192 - 2006
▪ AS/NZS 1170.2
▪ AS 60529

Variable Message Sign
▪ AS 4852.2 - 2019
▪ MRTS262 - July 2022
▪ Structural RPEQ Certification
▪ AS 60529

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Suitable for mounting on various trailers, trucks and utility vehicles with Amber Lanterns for displaying Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Double Arrow or a Non-Directional Warning. A wide viewing angle for the LEDs provides a crystal-clear view.

A stand-out feature of our B-Size's LED Lanterns is that they are manufactured to the same diameter as the C-Size ensuring J1-LED's Type B Arrow Board has enhanced visibility compared to our industry competitors.

Designed to withstand harsh Australian Conditions with resistance to high ambient temperatures and waterproof external connectors. The Electric Linear Actuator has been selected for its robust construction and 2,500 N Pull/Push Force Capacity to ensure the component's longevity as one of the only moving parts.

From the In-Cabin Controller, the Arrow Board can automatically fully raise or lower with pre-set configurations on either the Analog Dash Controller or High-Resolution LCD Controller.

A-Size Variable Message Sign Display Board is typically used in Traffic Control Utes and Smaller Trucks such as Cone/Bollard Trucks.

Front Opening Maintenance Access, Gas-Strut Assisted Door in the Sign's Enclosure to allow for rapid and easy access for servicing internal components. The product's electrical architecture utilises many standard components across the J1-LED product range to ensure component availability at all times to reduce downtime.

This product utilises J1-LED low-power LED technology, making it ideal for portable installations where power consumption may be a concern.


* MMS Leg Rack (suitable for variety of standard legs available in the market)
* Custom Traffic Control Cage Design from the in-house Engineering Team
* Camera System with On-Board DVR (remote management available)
* Solar Panel for Trickle Charging Vehicle or Dual Battery
* LED Amber Beacons (Flashing or Revolving available)
* Safety Upgrade Packs (Mine or Project Compliance)
* Extended Dual Battery Systems with Smart Charger
* Traffic Control Cages (Multi-Message Signage)
* Traffic Cone Rack (roller design available)
* High Resolution In-Cabin LCD Controller
* ITS HOST Remote Management System
* Internal VMS Vehicle Detection Radar
* Hand Brake and Door Open Alarm
* Supply or Installation Capabilities
* Front and/or Rear LED Flashers
* Roof Mounted LED Light Bars
* Type 1 pTSS including Tripod
* Traffic Control Equipment
* Reflective Tray Taping
* Wheel Nut Indicators
* Reversing Squawker
* Compact UHF Radio
* Fire Extinguisher
* LED Work Lighting
* GPS Tracking
* First Aid Kits




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