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Premium Variable Message Signs - Built to Order

We are proud to showcase our recently delivered, bespoke-build, Hi-Res Variable Message Sign Trailers, designed and manufactured in-house for RoadTek here in QLD.

premium variable message sign trailers
Forty Premium Variable Message Sign Trailers for TMR

J1-LED was selected via competitive tender process to design and build 40 premium Variable Message Trailers to their stringent specifications.

One of these requirements was that the signs provide chromaticity that fully complies with MRTS 262:2017: 11.8.2 and AS 1906:2014 – in other words, the VMS Displays feature discreet traffic orange as well as Red, Green, Amber and White LEDs.

With a minimum of 7-day power autonomy, work lights and DVR Cameras fitted, the units have significantly higher resolution than our standard trailers (28.6mm pitch, 88 x 49 pixels vs standard resolution 50mm pitch, 48 x 28 pixels), resulting in crisper, clearer images.

With remote programming and management available as well as LCD touchscreens for local programming, these VMS Trailers will quickly become the new industry standard. Please Contact Shane Kelley (QLD) for further information or check out our Traffic & Portable Products page to download the brochure.


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