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Sliding Truck Mounted Attenuator (sTMA)

The innovative new Sliding Truck Mounted Attenuator from J1-LED enables unprecedented access to height-restricted areas. It also boasts several mechanical, safety and cost-saving advantages over traditional cantilever TMA systems.

Since the attenuator cushion is horizontal in both the deployed and stowed positions, the risk of TMA damage due to overhead hazards is eliminated, and the overall vehicle height is lower.

Because the TMA cushion rests on the truck bed when stowed in the travel position, it has better load distribution, a smoother drive and less wear & tear compared to conventionally mounted TMA units. The cushion may also be less susceptible to damage due to projections on the road.

The horizontal position of the attenuator cushion also contributes to road safety, since driver visibility is enhanced. Fuel efficiency is optimised, as the design features a lower coefficient of drag resistance due to a >50% reduction* of surface area, resulting in lower wind loading.


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