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Innovative Roadworks Signs

In what’s believed to be a first, J1-LED, has supplied and installed 22 solar powered, 3G enabled Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS) to the Pacific Motorway Upgrade: M1/M3/Gateway Merge Project. Given the established effectiveness of LED VSLS on motorist speed compliance, these signs will play a vital role in managing traffic and increasing the safety of workers and the travelling public.

Designed to comply with MRTS206, AS/NZS5156 and relevant state standards, the Temporary VSLS were manufactured in-house by J1-LED and will remain in place for the duration the construction phase of the project.

J1-LED ultra-efficient LEDs and smart firmware allow these signs to be entirely solar powered, and therefore completely autonomous, eliminating the expense and risk of mains power.

Lightweight wafer sign allows for mounting on existing infrastructure

By using J1-LED’s standard lightweight (less than 12 kgs for C Size) wafer design VSLS, the signs are mounted using a tethered cradle on existing infrastructure including light poles and signposts. This design allows for easy repairs and maintenance through the use of a single rear connector to the sign face. The VSLS configuration and Sign ID is housed separately to sign front thus allowing for direct interchangeability without the need to preconfigure or program the new/replacement VSLS.

Displayed speeds are controlled remotely over 3G using J1-LED’s secure web portal. This results in both a rapid incident response, and a reduction in the number of traffic controllers required to manually cover or deploy static signs - also providing a significant reduction in nightly traffic management set-up and pull-down costs.

Like all J1-LED products, the Temporary VSLS meets all relevant requirements under the MRTS206 as well as Australian Standards, and relevant state standards, allowing them to be installed across Australia.



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