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Keep Residents Informed & Safe!

Bushfires & floods may reveal the very best of our famous Aussie spirit, but it's usually the planning and preparation that saves lives. Part of that planning is for robust information channels, to ensure that communication lines stay open even in an emergency - J1-LED's Road Condition Information Signs (RCIS) facilitate that process.

Engineered to perform

With extreme ingress protection rating, high corrosion resistance and reliable, low maintenance service life, we customise our RCIS to suit your local environmental conditions, ensuring continuous operation, and communication regardless of the weather. Modules may also be retro-fitted to existing signage.

Eliminating power and data challenges

By utilising wireless communication technology and solar power, our RCIS are autonomous - eliminating the need for mains power and costly capital works. Road status may be changed remotely or onsite.


Maximum legibility & simple maintenance

The sign features automatic ambient light level sensing and dimming as well as a lightweight, slimline design that enables rapid changeover by a single technician.

Federal and state funding may be available to assist in the realisation of your project; to find out more about how we can help your local council, please contact Shane Kelley at or on 07 3807 6272.



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